Thank goodness for some time away.  One of our family's Easter traditions is to go to the beach for a week of family fun and relaxation.  Sweet fisherman and I came down today a day early to make preparations for everyone's arrival tomorrow.   Our oldest grandson came with us and what a pleasure to have him along for the six hour drive.  We love being with him as he helps to keep us young with all of his tales of baseball and football and life in general.   He's always loved having a ball in his hands from the time he could hold one so sports is a big topic that he and his papa enjoy discussing.

The new eating plan is going well but I never realized what I was getting into when I signed up.  It's like a part time job keeping up with eating five times a day, walking my 10,000 steps, cardio, weight training and drinking 64 oz of water a day and keeping it all recorded.  The biggest surprise has come with some of the revelations I have received in terms of my emotional eating habits.  My emotions have run the gamete and I have to admit I feel my life is changing from the inside out.  I am gaining a lot of insights that can apply to other areas of my life.  WOW, what a journey this is turning out to be.

the blessing bowl-3.jpg

I plan to take lots of walks on the beach and look for shells and just relax and "BE"...How about you?  What are you planning?

Hugs and blessings,