A New Day....A New Way

Sometimes, it's hard to decide just how personal you want to be on a blog.  I ask myself "do I share this or do I share that"...how personal do I want to be.   Well, I shared about my weight gain in  another post so I am going to share what's going on in the hopes that maybe it will help me to be more accountable.

Yesterday, I officially started the Weight Management Program over at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital.   You meet with a doctor, behaviorist, exercise specialist, and a nutritionist and they develop a plan for you.  I did have to go through a rigorous physical and emotional evaluation but it does make you feel if anything was wrong they would have found it.   You go in once a week, physically or virtually, to meet with the team for support.  There's also an online, by phone and computer, program that keeps close tabs on what you eat, your exercise regiment, and any problems you may be having.  They even give you a scale that records and sends your weight back to them.  They know everything you are doing which is a little scary.  They do have to depend on you to record correctly the information they are receiving.  They continue to change your program as you make progress and eventually will teach you how to eat healthy and maintain your weight loss.

Today was the big day the journey began.  I have to eat every three hours which is going to be hard to get used to but they don't want you to get hungry which in turn will probably cause you to go off the program and hey you don't get a lot so it doesn't take you long to eat it...haha

So far so good....I know this first week is going to be the hardest so I am trying to stay busy.  I really want to do this..I've needed to get some weight off for several years and I've just been playing around loosing 5, 6 or 7 pounds and then putting it back on with a few more added.

As I was trying to stay busy, I went outside and cut some branches and started playing with my camera.  Here are the results...

the blessing bowl-2.jpg
the blessing bowl.jpg
the blessing bowl-4.jpg
the blessing bowl-3.jpg

It's pretty here today but cold.  I am so ready for some warm weather.  I guess one good thing about living where the seasons change is that I am always ready for the next one to arrive.

Hugs and blessings,