The few days we've had in the mountains have been fun and very relaxing.  We've had vegetable soup by the fireplace, watched basketball games on the TV, even went to the movies.  We saw Samson.  It was pretty correct to the Bible's version but he had a brutal life which was reflected in the movie.

Some scenes from many walks outside...a few signs of Spring but not many....

the blessing bowl-20.jpg
the blessing bowl-30.jpg
the blessing bowl-23.jpg
the blessing bowl-26.jpg
the blessing bowl-29.jpg
the blessing bowl-25.jpg
the blessing bowl-36.jpg

The water in the stream was cold and I image the fish were hunkered down under the rocks.  It's always refreshing and peaceful to spend some time walking along the stream or sitting listening to water rushing down the mountain.

Hugs and blessings,