Thank you so much for your kind comments and commitment to pray for my children's mother in law.  She was just too weak and frail to fight the battle and passed away last Wednesday.

We left the beach to be with our kids and grandkids.  I think it's the hardest on the grandkids because they have no point of reference in dealing with death.  One hopes they will remember the good times and all the fun times they had with her.

We are keeping the two younger ones, 3 and 4, while my daughter took her three with her to New York for the memorial service.

Early Morning Playtime with Papa


It has been a beautiful day, so a visit to the park was in order..


The trees are starting to bud and they are just beautiful....


Taking a walk, it was obvious that some trees were budding and others were not ready...


I am so glad Spring is just around the corner.  The temperature today was 79degrees and so wonderful to be outside.  My daughter sent this picture from New York...She said it was snowing and the lake was frozen...Such a contrast....


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