A New Adventure

Those of you who know me know that every once in a while I need to up my game and go in a different direction.  This summer and fall has been such a time.  The new adventure....a new horse.

When I was about eleven, I begged my dad for a horse.  He bought me one and said when I stopped taking care of him that he would sell him.  It was fun for about three years until I got very busy in high school and of course boys came on the scene.  I didn't advance very far with my riding because of lack of availability of riding lessons but we had lots of fun.  (Sorry for the poor quality of the photo)

the blessing bowl-10.jpg

Life got really busy and I didn't return to my love of horses until I was fifty.  One day I decided I needed a something to challenge me and I signed up for a riding lesson.  I was hooked and the love of horses that laid dormant for all those years returned in full force.  I continued taking lessons and I decided it was time for me to buy my own horse.  I tried several but none worked out until I met Casey.  She was a thirteen year old quarter horse and such a sweet girl.  We had fun for several years until she developed bladder cancer and eventually had to cross the rainbow bridge.....


Sweet fisherman had retired and our first grandchild was born and it seemed horses in my life was to be a thing of the past.  Last March, a friend invited me out to her barn because the Clydesdales were going to be staying there for a few days.  I went and horse love made a strong reentrance into my life.  I started thinking about getting another one and in April I purchased Jack.  Jack was too much horse for me so I returned him and waited, not so patiently, for the right one to come along.  On September 19, Sam walked off the transport truck and it was love at first sight.  He's a sorrel quarter horse and the sweetest guy.  Tuesday will be six week since he arrived, and we are fast forming a bond.  He's very calm and smooth and just a joy to be with....

File Sep 19, 6 52 42 PM-1.jpg
File Oct 10, 10 25 03 AM.jpeg

Many of my friends think I have lost my mind to be getting a horse at this point in my life.  They say you're going to get hurt, etc.....I don't listen...I think Sam and my grand kids are doing a good job at keeping me young and in the main stream of life.  I don't think about my age and how it limits me but how I can live life to the fullest.  Having Sam has brought me new photography opportunities, new friends at the barn, and I am even loosing weight.  I am very careful and some days I am very tired and sore but hey if I was working in the yard those things would happen....

Thanks for reading about my newest adventure and I'd love to hear of yours.

Hugs and blessings,