Glad To Be Back

"Why do we assume that our power lies only in the version of ourselves we deem most perfect?
"  Breathing Room

I am glad to be back in this space after abandoning it for six months.  I have found it's like an old friend that is the same no matter how long one has been away.  Kinda like the ocean, the same but different....

Depression can feel like the ocean sometimes as if it's going to take you out into never never land to never return but then you catch a wave orchestrated by God and once again you find yourself sitting safely at the water's edge....Those waves can be called loving acts of a spouse, time spent with grandkids working on journals, or building sandcastles, long chats with a friend, or simple walks as the water splashes over your feet as you gaze upon a gorgeous sunset.

"These are the moments when you realize the one thing you can control is how you treat yourself.  And that one thing can change everything"

Leeana Tankersley

Blessed with the love of the most generous, kind and loving man.  His birthday is next week and our anniversary is the 30th.....We have been blessed beyond measure.....

Simon has been my pal for almost twelve years.  He has brought me so much joy and love.  He is one of the furry friends that comes along once or twice in a lifetime where the connection between the two of you is unbelievable....I found out about six months ago that he has cancer.  He has had four surgeries to remove tumors and has done remarkable but about a month ago he developed about six and it's no longer viable to continue with more surgeries.   On the outside he looks great but I can tell he is being more reclusive and not as mobile.  The vet is checking him on a regular basis and we really have no idea when the last will come.  I treasure the time I have left with him.


I continue to spread my wings and learn new things while continually trying to be open to all the new adventures and people that God has planned for my life....

Hugs, Nanci