Different Strokes for Different Folks

I really believed that when I developed this new site that I was going to have ideas coming out the wazoo but I must have used most of my creative energy getting it going because  I have tried to come up with posts but just keep hitting dead ends.  I know we are only suppose to post when we want to or have something to say but when you have a new blog it's like a new car you want to take it for lots of spins.

I really did have something I wanted to share yesterday.  I had gotten a new small cast iron skillet so I could make Carol Hart's Apple Crisp.  I seasoned it, went to the grocery story for the needed items, and by the time I got it together I just didn't have the time or the energy to take the photos and write a post.  I sliced it, added ice cream and we enjoyed...I did take a picture for my 365 but that was it.

All day today, I pondered....nothing until I started preparing our dinner which was to be homemade chicken salad on top of salad.  I always get so tickled because Sweet fisherman wants lots of different kinds of olives and lots of veggies on his salad and I like some veggies but more fruit.  He likes ranch dressing and I like poppyseed...I know calories but hey it's worth it...I'll cut back somewhere else.....

His Salad

    My Salad


My Salad

Now listen, I know I am no food photographer....I even hesitate to put these up because it is just not my forte but I wanted to post and this is what is happening at my house.

Thanks for stopping by.....

Hugs and blessings,    Nanci