Using Artificial Light

Over the last few years, I have taken several of Kim Klassen's classes ( and yesterday she shared a video that Carol Hart ( had made demonstrating techniques to use with artificial lighting.  So many times it's necessary to take photographs and there is no natural light.  Carol used the Lowel Ego light as she demonstrated various ways of using artificial light.

As soon as the video was over, I headed to my studio.  I grabbed my camera, an orange, a knife, a backdrop and my granite cutting board.  I put a tshirt over my Lowel Ego light as Carol suggested to defuse the light and I was ready to go.....

That was only the beginning, I started dragging out more props...

Next came the flowers along with Simon's help...

Simon would not leave me alone so I finally just waited until he lost interest.  This does show the Lowel Ego light with its Tshirt on as well as my tripod that I love because I can flip it around and take a top down shot.

.....Really got energized after seeing Carol's lighting video

.....Loved playing around with the Lowel Ego light moving it around to get the light at different 


.....I love that I can flip my tripod to get top down shots

....I can get so discouraged with my photography and then today I had such a good day with

    my camera

   Enjoying my new studio so much....everything has a place