Facial Expressions

As I was looking through some magazines and catalogues this afternoon, I couldn't help but notice all the different expressions on the faces of the models.  I started to wonder how aware I am of my own facial expressions while talking with others and what my expressions might be conveying.  As I thought about this issue, I decided I would do a few quick journal pages and think about how I would respond upon seeing these expressions in others.


"Few realize how loud their expressions really are.  Be kind with what you wordlessly say"
Richelle E. Goodrich
Simon was napping on the stool next to my chair and I couldn't help but notice he kept changing positions and expressions...

"You know you have a best friend when you can sit in silence and just use facial expressions to communicate"       Anonymous      

....I am tired of the snow....I am getting out tomorrow

....I want to see how many facial expressions I can capture

....I am going to watch people's reaction to what I am saying and see if they might be reacting 

    to my facial expressions

....The Journaling class I was suppose to teach tomorrow has been rescheduled for next 


.....My son's birthday is this week....He is a gift as we were told I would never be able to

    conceive him....He's a joy to us

....Sweet fisherman will soon be leaving on his mission trip to the Ukraine