Life is Art

"I think everything in life is art.  What you do  How you dress.  The way you love someone, and how you talk.  Your smile and your personality.  What you believe in, and all your dreams.  The way you drink your tea.  How you decorate your home.  Or party.  Your grocery list, the food you make.  How your writing looks.  And the way you feel.   Life is art 
Helena Bonham Carter

Suspended Bubbles




Light streaming in on the dinner table at Salem Tavern


Young Relationships


A Candid Self Portriat


Just a few examples of art is life....

.....Home from a week of keeping many memories made

.....Simon is very clingy today.  He just wants to sit in my lap

.....It's very cold but the snow has melted (the little bit we got)

.....Working on transferring Lightroom and Photoshop to my new computer

....Need to run errands but I just want to stay home

.....I don't like that my eyelids are getting so droopy  

....Changed my studio around and I like it so much better.  

....Anxious to use my camera today