Thank you so much for your kind comments and commitment to pray for my children's mother in law.  She was just too weak and frail to fight the battle and passed away last Wednesday.

We left the beach to be with our kids and grandkids.  I think it's the hardest on the grandkids because they have no point of reference in dealing with death.  One hopes they will remember the good times and all the fun times they had with her.

We are keeping the two younger ones, 3 and 4, while my daughter took her three with her to New York for the memorial service.

Early Morning Playtime with Papa


It has been a beautiful day, so a visit to the park was in order..


The trees are starting to bud and they are just beautiful....


Taking a walk, it was obvious that some trees were budding and others were not ready...


I am so glad Spring is just around the corner.  The temperature today was 79degrees and so wonderful to be outside.  My daughter sent this picture from New York...She said it was snowing and the lake was frozen...Such a contrast....


Thanks for stopping by.

Hugs and blessings,


Beach Walk

I went for a long walk on the beach yesterday.  Although it was cloudy and overcast, there were lots of people on the beach and enjoying their day in many different ways...

Some were walking their dogs; on foot and by bicycle

the blessing bowl-12.jpg
the blessing bowl-15.jpg

A child playing in the water and looking for shells.

the blessing bowl-9.jpg
the blessing bowl-7.jpg

A group were just having fun and fishing.

the blessing bowl-11.jpg
the blessing bowl-10.jpg

Another lady was enjoying the seagulls.

the blessing bowl-14.jpg

And I was walking and praying.  My kid's mother in law is in critical condition battling the flu and pneumonia.  She is not a healthy person after having throat cancer several years ago so this is very serious for her.  The doctors have even said they don't think she will make it.  

So if you are a praying person, please lift her up in prayer.  The family would be appreciative.

The beach is a place of many moods.  A place of reflection, joy, healing, peace and tranquility.  It's my happy place.  A place that I can be still and listen to what's going on inside of me.  A place where I can see the Creator's handiwork and hear His voice.  A place I can Be Still and Know.

Hugs and blessings,


Favorite Things

I love new items that others share that makes one's life easier or better.  So today I am going to share a few things I have tried lately that I have really enjoyed and thought maybe they might appeal to you.

First one is the so soft facial washcloths.  I don't know if you are like me or not but as I have aged I want to be as gentle as possible with my skin especially my face.  Sometimes, I find wash cloths can be a little hard after they have been washed and dried many times.  These cloths are so soft and washable so you can use them over and over and they stay soft.

the blessing bowl-2.jpg

My next new favorite item is the roll a lotion applicator   My skin is so dry, especially in the winter, and I am always having to ask Sweet Fisherman to put lotion on my back.  Well you know how that when I can across this little item I was elated.  This is a picture of the box..

the blessing bowl-4.jpg

Both of these can be purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond...and no I get no compensation for putting these two items in my blog...I just like them and thought you might too....

Sweet Fisherman and I are just getting over the flu and one thing I try to do everyday is to take extra Vitamin C...I love making a hot tea out of Emergen-C and my favorite flavor is Raspberry.  It comes in others flavors but I just prefer the Raspberry.  I had run out right before we got the flu and I am convinced if I had stayed on my schedule of a cup a day I probably wouldn't have had the flu.  But hey who knows.  And no I get no compensation for mentioning this product.  And as with all suggestions, one should consult their doctor before trying anything new such as this suggestion.

the blessing bowl.jpg

This blog post is a detour from my norm but I am trying to get out my normal box, in a lot of ways, and try some new things.  I think one reason I had not almost stopped blogging was I was getting bored with writing about the same old things.  So you may start to see some new ideas coming across my page.

Hugs and blessings,


Winter of 2018

I always promise myself that I will not let so much time go between posts but then I get busy and put this blog on the back burner of my life.  Like many of you, I have wrestled with 'why am I blogging' and do I want to continue since I have become so sporadic  in my posts.  Many have let their blogs go by the wayside with other things taking a higher priority..   I really like a record of what's going on in my life and hope that one day it might be meaningful to my kids and grandkids.  I have journaled for many years but I really like to see the added pictures that go along with a post.  So for now, I am going to try to put my blog in a higher position in my priorities...

January started off with a snow and lots of rainy weather.  We usually don't get more than one good snow per season but this year we have had two....the last with over seven inches...unusual for us...

File Feb 03, 2 02 03 PM.jpeg

We just spent a week with our kids and grandkids and as always that was fun...We got to see our thirteen year old grandson play two basketball games.

File Feb 03, 2 00 40 PM.jpeg

Sam and I have been having some fun.  It's been too cold to ride much but when we do have a nice day we try to play some...

File Nov 01, 8 18 49 PM.jpeg

I have finally made up my mind to loose some weight.  I'll be sharing more about that and hopefully by sharing I'll stay motivated.

Stay warm and thanks for stopping by...

Hugs and blessings,