Nanci  Thomas

I look back over my life and I know God  'created me for a journey'.   A journey filled with laughter, sadness,  painful experiences and over the moon joy.  I have learned that the destination is not the goal but experiencing the journey moment by moment and adapting to life's changes with a positive attitude.


I started blogging in 2010 to have a place to connect with like minded gals and to have a central place to keep record of my creative endeavors..knitting, spinning, weaving, quilting and journaling as well as my passion for horses.  It wasn't long before another passion began to emerge, photography.  I had received a Kodak, Brownie camera when I was in the fifth grade and there after I was the designated photographer in the family and among friends.


With the arrival of a new grandchild along with taking photographs for my blog, I soon realized I wanted to take better pictures.  I started taking on line classes and a real passion for photography was birthed.  It has not waned but has become my vehicle for recording all the things I hold dear....my faith, my family, my animals, the beauty all around and in general all the adventures of my journey.


I am so glad you dropped by and I hope you have found words or images that will encourage you along your journey........Nanci